About Us

Manpower Capital Uganda ltd was founded by a team of professionals with the mission to enable its clients to grow and excel in their business and professional life. Manpower Capital Uganda Ltd offers a full range of human resources management, services, and consultancy.


To be the leading provider of workplace solutions in Uganda and the East Africa Region.


To provide innovative workplace solutions and HR best practices that enable individuals and organizations grow, thrive, excel, and live the test of time.


The following corporate values have been established to guide the behavior of all employees as they strive to achieve the Company’s vision and mission;

1 Innovation

Manpower Capital Uganda ltd is a proudly Ugandan Company and is committed to the development of the country and its people.

The Consultancy

  • Is optimistic about the future of Uganda and is committed to making a substantial contribution to its development and the East African Region.
  • Will strive to build strong, enduring partnerships with professionals, suppliers, customers, employees and the Authorities.

2. Fairness and Transparency

Manpower Capital Uganda Ltd's strength is derived from the skill and commitment of all its consultants, staff and clients. Success is achieved by

  • Recognizing the role and contribution of every staff and in return providing commensurate benefits and rewards, a pillar of best practice.2
  •  Recognizing and valuing human diversity while treating all clients on equal status and

respecting individual rights.

  • Commitment to maximizing human potential through the encouragement of self-improvement programs, provision of performance improvement education, training, and development to ensure up-to-date and contemporary best practices.

3. Competitiveness

Manpower Capital Uganda ltd is result-oriented and is capable of success as an independent consultancy unit. The Consultancy encourages and assists its clients to

  •  Set clear goals for themselves and thrive on challenges, competition and achievement of objectives.
  • Have the skills and organizational capacity of clients periodically reviewed to turn them into formidable independent centers of excellence.
  • Subscribe to competent providers of management tools/services and apply appropriate management techniques to develop competitive capacity.

4. Continuous Improvement

Manpower Capital Uganda ltd and its staff are committed to continuous improvement and will

  • Invest in appropriate technologies to enhance competitiveness and safeguard the future prosperity of all stakeholders.
  •  Produce high-quality products that represent ever-increasing value for money to clients.
  • Provide superior customer service.

5. Honesty and Integrity

Manpower Capital Uganda ltd and all its staff are open and honest in all their dealings and are committed to

  •  The principle of free and fair competition
  • Respect the opinions and feeling of others
  • Freedom of expression and open communication
  •  code of ethics based on fairness, open dialogue, respect for diversity and for individuals rights.


1 Innovative Solutions

We use modern and scientific methods and tools to achieve efficiency and effectiveness such as recruitment, headhunting,, and Psychometric Tests. We shall exploit the possibilities offered by IT and internet technology to automate routine processes enabling our consultants to focus on important functions.

2 Professionalized Services

We recognize, respect, and admire the hard-earned expertise of client organizations and candidates, through courteous and professional relationships at all times. We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality of information entrusted to us by client organizations and candidates.

3 Customer Oriented

The focus of our HR solutions is to add value by providing specialized services to supplement and strengthen the HR function of client organizations. We offer services the client needs (rather than offering whatever products we have). Experience shows that different approaches are required for sourcing and training the right manpower for different organizations and organizational levels.

5 Multi-disciplinary Approach

We follow a multi-disciplinary approach to human resources services. Our consultants possess technical knowledge and practical experience in diverse functions and sectors/ industries such as finance, marketing, IT, banking, etc apart from HR. This cross-functional expertise and multi-sectorial experience enable us to offer descent Workplace solutions to our clients in diverse industries/sectors.


In addition to the team of Consultants on a permanent basis with us, we also maintain a panel of Consultants with expertise and experience in diverse areas such as human resources management, organizational development, finance, IT, marketing and management consulting. This approach enables us to choose the right team of Consultants with relevant expertise and experience according to the scope of each consulting assignment.