HR Sourcing Solutions

We offer a range of sourcing solutions that are designed to cater varying needs of our clients. The following are the outlines of the services that we offer but these are subject to further improvements in line with client requirements.

 Executive Recruitment

Our Executive Recruitment Division is dedicated to handle recruitment for top management and senior management levels. Our Executive Recruitment Team focuses on the leadership skills,

emotional intelligence and behavioral aspects, in addition to technical abilities of the candidates. We use competency based framework to identify the “core competencies”.


If you are convinced that finding the right person for any position is critical for the success of your Company/ business then headhunting may be the right solution for you. (Other forms of recruitment may prove to be ineffective, expensive and time-consuming.)

Potential candidates for any position are of two types: those who search for a job (Active job Seekers) and those who do not (Passive Job Seekers). Some of the best candidates (among the 4 Passive Job Seekers) may not respond to newspaper advertisements, and this is when headhunting comes in. The right person for the job may not an active job seeker but already working elsewhere. We will need to hunt down that person for you. At Manpower Capital Uganda ltd, we try to understand the clients’ requirements and identify the key competencies required for effective and optimal delivery of the role requirements. Our Multi Disciplinary Approach is critically important here. Further our targeted search approach ensures that we are able to reach the best candidates with relevant exposure and work experiences.

We have a wide network that we continuously rely on, identify the sources and prospects, establish and nurture relationships with high caliber candidates and enrich our database on a continuous basis. Head hunting is discreet and very effective where specialized skills called for are scarce and demand is high. Headhunting is discreet and very effective in identifying talented and yet scarce specialized skills.

Search and Selection

Search and selection is a common approach used in many organizations where the positions are advertised in the media and applicants are short listed using specific criteria. The selection process may include written test, oral interviews, psychometric tests, skill tests etc as appropriate. We offer end to end search and selection solutions starting from designing job advertisement, posting the same in the media, short-listing the applications, complete the selection process, conducting the reference checks etc.

 HR Outsourcing

We outsource personnel to organizations offering them organizational flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. We shall be able to provide outsourcing for all functions, and at different organizational levels. We shall take over all the administrative responsibilities related to the outsourced personnel. The HR outsourcing packages can be structured to meet the particular requirements of the client. Our outsourcing services are focused three key elements:

  • Quality: We internalize the specific requirements of the clients and put in place manpower, systems and other resources to ensure that the service requirements of the clients are met.5
  • Compliance: We meet fulfill the compliance requirements as per the law and contractual obligations. We shall be glad to provide periodic evidence of compliance to all contractual and legal requirements to our clients.
  • Risk Management: We shall evaluate the risk for all parties involved in the outsourcing arrangement and put in place adequate measures to mitigate the risks. More importantly, we do not wish to put the reputation of Manpower Capital Uganda ltd or the client at risk at any

point in time and shall remain focused on managing risk. The risk mitigation measures include, apart from compliance, putting in place adequate insurances for employer’s liability, fidelity guarantee etc.